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Economic Damages

This is the sum of your “special” damages, or economic losses.


Non-Economic Damages

This is a payment for your general damages


Total Settlement Estimate


Medical Expenses

Enter the total of your medical bills, even if you didn’t pay out of pocket.

Property Damage

(This field is commonly used for automotive damage in a car accident case. You’ll leave this at zero for most other types of cases.)

Lost Earnings

(If you missed work because of your injuries, input the sum of your lost income here. If you used available time-off benefits -- like PTO -- enter dollar value lost as if it were unpaid.)

Future Lost Income

(If you’ll be missing more work due to ongoing treatment, or an inability to continue working at your current job while you recover, enter an estimate of those lose earnings here.)

Estimated Future Medical Expenses

(If you will require ongoing medical treatment for your injuries, enter an estimate of the cost of that treatment.)

This is not legal advice. The calculation here is for instructional purposes only. Consult our attorneys with the form below for a financial and legal analysis of your case.