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Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Negotiating with Insurance Companies

If you’ve been in an accident and weren’t at fault, you may begin receiving offers of settlement from the insurance company shortly after the incident. Many people will take the first offer from the insurance company.

However, you should not simply agree to an initial offer without considering all the relevant information.  An insurance adjuster’s job is to limit the payment of the insurance company– they are not in any way required to give you a fair settlement. Keep in mind that medical treatment can take many months, sometimes even years. Once a settlement agreement is signed, it’s final. You can’t go back and collect more from the insurance company. Therefore, your costs can easily and quickly exceed your estimates and the settlement over time. Because of this, it’s best to consult with an attorney before you sign anything.

To get a fair settlement, there needs to be some negotiation with the insurance company. To get the highest settlement possible, you need to hire a lawyer whose experienced in fighting insurance companies. To estimate a fair settlement amount, you should think about all of the costs associated with your injuries. This could mean an evaluation by a medical professional, estimates from body shops, personal costs and lost earnings. You could also be entitled to punitive damages as well such as pain and suffering.

You may be surprised at how low the adjuster’s offer is compared to your bills. There are simply too many variables to address every scenario that could happen in negotiating with an insurance company. It is usually not practical to pursue your own claim due to a more complex legal and insurance system. You are strongly advised to seek an attorney. Our partner attorneys all work on a contingency basis and charge nothing up front to work on your case.